I am sick

I am feeling the decrepitude of illness

My throat and lungs feel in distress

I ache in every single part of me

I am so very tired, really sleepy

Every step I take really hurts

The bruises showing under skirts

I fall a lot, often being unstable

Hate that I look like the “old” label

I spend the day resting in bed

Garnering my strength instead

Of continuing to push myself

Looking after all of my health

It is a rarity for me any self-care

I have lost touch with myself I fear

With how my body moves and feels

Making my “just keep going” deals

I have to heal, body and mind

My own self truly defined

So I know what I feel and do

With better help in full view

And yet the next day brings my reward

A day in the emergency department ward

A hair line fracture in my left ankle

It could be worse so I am thankful

Or I will be, I hope, in six weeks

Walking on crutches with tweaks

Is wearing me down right now

Fresh worry wrinkles in my brow

It is slowing recovering my mental state

I am feeling left to a very desperate fate

More alone and trapped than ever before

I am not sure that I can take any more




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