6 weeks, 42 days, ugh …

Here I lay upon the floor 
Too far from the door
Even further to the chair
How the heck did I get here?

I crawl down the hallway 
Those cat biscuits in the way
Like sharp digs on a raw bruise
A memory that I could lose

Trying to reach the phone
Kinda of scared, all alone 
Call 111 and then just wait
Reached out to a mate

Slither down the stairs 
Putting aside all fears  
To unlock the front door 
Come on in, one and all

All day repeating the story
Knock to head, forgot the gory
I just hurt, almost everywhere
Xray times 12, here and there

I just want to finally leave
Take the pain and just grieve
Go home to begin to recover
Break in ankle but no other

Six weeks off my left foot
Speechless, just no retort
But no cast, so good, right?
Crutches, not a pretty sight

Why me? Why, oh why me?
Heal it faster, my ardent plea
I will update you, as I go
Hoping I don’ sink too low

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