OMG which one to choose?


What is your worst quality?

I had to think hard on this to find a single flaw.  And no that does not mean that I have none but that I have so many.  Well things that I see as flaws, other people might see them as part of daily living or the signs of past experiences.

I do not like showing flaws.  I guess I equate them with weakness.  To show weakness is to be vulnerable.  To be vulnerable is to be a victim.  And that is one thing I will never be again.

So among the throng of my flaws I have, I thought of one that had external qualification.  In this instance it was my hubby who completely lost patience with me and let me know.  I guess other people were too polite.

The flaw is that I interrupt when other people are talking.  It is like I have jumped ahead and think they have.  Or I am just so excited to have someone to talk to I can not contain my words.  Or I just fail to really listen to the other person and that makes it easy to butt in.  It could be I am just rude or think I am smarter than everyone else (I hope it is not these two – as I try very hard not to offend and feel dumber than most people).

I have been working on it, a variety of techniques really.  I consciously keep my mouth closed and my mind.  So if a thought escapes one it can not escape the other (I hope there is no obvious visual accompaniment to this that the other person can see).  I practice with hubby, he creates situations where I might find it easy to do – like he waits an age before words to trick me into thinking that he had finished what he was saying.

I have memory prompts like I try to remember it is okay to think something and if I forget it then it was not meant to be said.  Also that what I was going to say is not as important as respecting the person I am listening to.  And the most effective:  If I listen and take my turn this rare gift of conversation can stretch out longer, than my interrupting and driving them away.

I know I need more practice

I will get there but

sometimes, it seems there are more flaws

than anything else of me



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  1. Thank you for sharing your flaws, your post was like you were writing about me. I do not seem to be abe not to speak.the times when I decide not to speak people will ask if I am alright which does not help but only leads me to talk again.
    It is good to know thatI am not alone,thank you.


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