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If I Ruled the World

You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

Laws of Nature

I guess this should be easy.  Who wouldn’t want to posses the power to change a law of nature that is meant to be immutable? I think … me!  How about I change the:

Law of Rhythm

For me, this would mean changing the rhythm of life itself.  Isn’t that the altruistic, right thing to do?  But then it hits me, what do we do with them?  Them as in every living thing, plus all the new ones, with no decrease in the population, just ongoing increase.  How do we appreciate life, in the absence of the knowledge of death?  So its pass on that one.

How about  messing with:

The Law of Gestation

This would be for my own amusement, not altruistic at all.  I want men to experience painful menstruation, (just once, I don’t want to kill them), pregnancy and giving birth (okay this might well kill them).  Also after the men get their experience, we speed the process up a little.  9 months just seems forever to have to wait and carry the weight.  I have to pass, I just can’t see this helping anything but my mood (and I have chocolate for that!)

Even though I am still enjoying the images of men in labour or experiencing cramping I am turning this offer to change any law of nature down.  The potential consequences are just too hazardous for me and with how I think about things, I will consider ALL of them.  This would make it more of a living nightmare, weighted burden than a “real” superpower.

I believe, as humans, that we need to pay more attention to how nature actually works and emulate that, not spend time finding a way to change it’s laws. 

An Aside

The instant I saw this daily prompt, I knew what I wanted my superpower to be (oops, not the law of nature, I must learn to read slower and take it all in, before my brain goes racing off).  I see no point in any power that removes personal choice because I do not want to be a despot.  But I want to have the power to instill, in every person the ability to see for themselves the outcome of their decisions, BEFORE the decision is enacted.  Now, I do not mean every single decision from which dress to wear and what to eat for dinner.  This is more for decisions like what the hell was John Key (New Zealand Prime Minister – for now) thinking when he set off the process to potentially change the New Zealand flag

(It’s my power, I can use it where I want!).  

I bet you thought my example might be something more, … well, …traumatic, like the Holocaust or World Wars.  However, they are “past” and I believe in letting the past be, not updating it to suit contemporary society.  Would Hitler, in actually seeing how many people he would be responsible for slaughtering really stop him?  I mean he had to be getting reports on the loss of life in his despicable ethnic cleansing and he just kept pushing his agenda.  Maybe not, but how about the fact that he was going to lose, and that loss would then include his own art work destroyed and his name forever reviled.  The infamy might appeal, as a form of enduring fame but the loss of his art might put a hesitation in his step.

From the Hitler example, do you see how I think and why my thinking might mean having any type of super power may well prove problematic for me.

So, I need some limitations, or any decision and the subsequent fast forward could become the dominating way time is consumed.

  1. Firstly, there is the aforementioned time restriction of only decisions of from now on, no going back and rewriting history
  2. It can be optional in application for non life threatening situations. I retain the ability to force a fast forward on anyone for anything
  3. It remains in effect until I die (unless there is a successor to carry on – but that is another whole story!)
  4. It is an instantaneous transmission to the end result of the potential decision (so if the decision is to send the troops into war – the person making that decision will see the outcome of that, but would they see each death and what the consequences of that were?)

This became so much more complicated than I thought, no wonder only I am allowed to wield it! ( Yes, you can laugh here)  Complications include:

  • what if the decision is not actually a new independent one, but has tendrils back into the past?
  • What if it is more than one person making the decision and they are shown different outcomes because of the way that they approach the situation and process their response, e.g. a finance minster versus a military leaders approach to a military campaign?
  • If my objective is to get the decider to maybe not take that fatal step that results in a horrific loss of life or the death of an eco – system, what if it doesn’t work?  I mean God supposedly left us with free will hoping we would make the right choice – don’t you feel the urge to say – how is that working out for ya?

I have changed my mind.  My superpower choice is not to have a superpower.  The consequences, restrictions, complications, details, flaws, etc, etc, etc would literally blow my mind!




  1. Oh no. I hate being without my camera to record things but on the other hand, just watching can mean that you are fully engaged in the moment. Instead of looking for the best shot to record it or spot to photograph from. Enjoy the moments.


      1. The night has gone wild. At midnight, dozens of loud fireworks started to go off and it has been constant since. It’s the last day of the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Processions tomorrow and tonight all the shrines to her all over town were lit up with Xmas lights. And for the first time in a year, I forgot my camera!!! Perhaps tomorrow night.
        Fireworks still going off. Dogs barking, but not mine. They are all Mexican-born and used to the chaos.


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