Accept no substitutes


This is my flag.  The New Zealand flag.  The one that my ancestors fought and died under.  I don’t care if it looks like Australia’s.  It’s my flag.

In the recent [disgusting] vote I chose to do this  to the voting paper (Yes I am completely opposed):


I simply could not rate a competitor to our current flag.  Ignoring the politics etc etc it just felt to me that I was agreeing with the referendum when I did not.  I will only ever vote for one flag.

Bit, I simply could not boycott the vote.  My parents bought me up to believe in our way of life, which includes the electoral process.   They taught me that if I want to bitch about  the government, the price to do so was voting.
On this topic I most definitely want to bitch.

If I can ignore the insane price for this process (much teeth grinding and swearing later). Which feels like trying to swallow an intensely foul spoonful of food, while smiling at the host as if it tastes like ambrosia.  What other questions could NZers have been asked:

1.  Do we still want our current ties to the monarchy?
2.  There is … amount of money available, how do we want it spent?
3.  Could more be done for the Christchurch recovery – if yes, what?
4.  Is enough money invested in education, health, the Elderly?
5. Is our welfare state functioning as we want it to?
6.  Are we doing enough for equity?
7. Is the Treaty of Waitangi still relevant?

And so on, …

I believe in our flag.  I truly wish we had respected it as much as America does theirs and created laws for its protection.  I don’t want it to have a page in history.  I want it marching in lock  step as history strolls on.

Save our current flag
Don’t let your courage sag
Don’t hide your head in a bag
I am going to continue to nag
This whole process is a drag
Or is that a joke?, I had lag
I really wanted to wag.
Save our current flag

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