I see the world through sheets of rain
Each individual droplet an acidic burn
Barriers to seeing clearly and safely
I blunder blindly into your invisible walls

I am the ping pong ball, you the paddle
The court layout is defined by you
As is everything else currently in play
I can not win or exit the game

I walk on shards of bloodred broken glass
Each piece wrenched from my heart
Leaking blood, spirit and soul essence
You sop it up like a thick gravy; life elixir

IT IS MY life, I did not invite you in
To pick at the carcass of my dreams
To wither what strength I had left
I wrest the paddle from your hand

I am in control, wildly waving the paddle
Loosely gesturing to the pile of dejection
Flattened, pierced ping pong balls
Now needing a brand new function

To emerge victorious, naming the game
Stacking the structure in my favour
Stomping the bodies of my foe underneath
An extra heel grind just because I can

I am the queen of this castle
The mistress of the ivory peak
I stalk the game like endless shadow
Would you seek to challenge my wrath?

I am relentless, resolved to my goal
The experience of the past my herald
I am unmerciful; now YOU blunder
Smashing into walls, walking blindly

While I walk and breathe freely
You slither in swamps of despair
I am victorious, authenticity in action
Being real, only now to simply me

Your ping pong balls bounce off me
They no longer find purchase to egress
I am safe within my own reality
No more games, not for you or me


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