Thank you, but no, no way!!

Pick Your Gadget

Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?

I am not sure of my choice and will explore all three in my writing till I can decide.  Writing usually clarifies my thinking.

time machines

I have read many science fiction stories about time machines, who hasn’t at least heard of “Doctor Who”? I absorbed author thoughts on the rules for using time machines.  Like not meeting yourself or not changing anything because you don’t know all the consequences.  I wonder if going back and trying to change Hitler’s worldview and avoiding the results of his ideology could ever be wrong.  Or preventing the ice berg being in the path of the titanic, or the terrorist access to planes and therefore preventing 9/11.


What would be the cost of changing any or all of those events, or pieces of them that led to it?  Treating them like a completed jig saw, and seeing which piece I can remove stopping the trauma but not negatively affecting anything else (well too much).  More importantly, did we learn anything from their tragic occurrence that had to be learnt and would not have been, if they had been prevented?  Can I answer that on a personal level, if not any other level?  Additionally, would I be changing the occurrence of these events, through the time machine, for the greater good or to serve something inside of myself?  Like my need to be a hero or wanting to save the one person I know, with the other people simply collateral saves.

I am pretty sure I don’t want to use a time machine.  I am not sure exactly where I might go, but I know that my agenda in doing so would be for me and not for the good of others.  The lure of that power might well overcome the ethical guidelines that I live my life.  Eventually the sense of self betrayal would outweigh any satisfaction in the choice I made.  I have such a do – gooder mentality, I just know that I would go back to change something.  I meddle or tinkle and it could lead to, well, a mess.

Anywhere doors

I am thinking an anywhere door is like the one featured in, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” with access through the wardrobe to Narnia.  Or from the TV series, “The Librarians”, that use doors to chase and eliminate magic in other places and times.

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The Librarians (2014) Poster

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I am not sure I like the idea of entering a door and not knowing what is really on the other side.  Step through to the destiny you chose for yourself.  What if you step into nothing and have that awful falling sensation? Can I come back?  Can I bring someone?  I also think that once I have done this, I would always have the hangover of worrying that any door I was about to enter might take me anywhere.  Not sure I want to be suspicious of an everyday item like a door.  Its not like they can be completely avoided.

So I will pass on the anywhere door because I am more worried about the consequences, than the potential rewards, of using one.  Plus, I am thinking the instruction manual could be quite extensive and way too technical for my techno – dumb brain.  Also, where could I store the thing when not in use, or is it like an exercise machine and would fold down to be stowed under the bed?  Or do I have to travel to it and if so where could it possibly be so only I had access to it – I mean I paid for it.  But I also wouldn’t want someone accidentally getting lost in going through what they thought was a normal door

Invisibility helmets

I am more interested or tempted by this item.  It seems smaller and easier to store after purchase.  I am not doing any space or time travel with it, so I shouldn’t devastate an entire eco – system by squishing an ant or something 50 years in the past (similar to what Homer did in “The Simpsons” episode).  This is a righteous concern, ants are very small and in looking around I could miss one or many of them and  … then…. squish!


The invisible helmet definitely has potential.  Although it brings another ethical dilemma.  What if I use it to listen in on conversations that I would otherwise not be privy too?  For example, that woman that I thought was commenting to her friend about my appearance.  Originally a paranoid guess, can now be confirmed, when I follow them into the woman’s toilets, invisible to them and able to hear what she says.  My ego is crushed and I slink home, invisible but safer from the censure of others.

I think the problem with this one is that I could become, in reality, how I often fell.  I think that I am invisible in, and to, the world I interact in.  Of no real value and if I didn’t pass by, no one would note my absence, I am that unimportant. Eventually it feels like I will just vanish, all that will be left of me will be that helmet.  The tarnish of age and wear slowly eroding the helmet till there is nothing to prove that I was even here or owned it. Plus the helmet might well mess my hair (LOL cos I so worry about that ALL the time – not.  When younger, I used to wear a motorcycle helmet and became well versed in dealing with helmet head).

I think the consequences of using the invisible helmet could crush me, with the information I can gather that might otherwise merely be guesswork or best for me, left un – heard.

Let the buyer beware

Like cigarettes, these items should bear the warning:  Let the buyer beware, because of their un – yet, individually tested side effects.  I will leave purchases at the electronic store to my computer and phone necessities (when I say this, I mean letting hubby do the tech speak thing – translating my needs into their offerings and back again).  Averting my eyes from the lure of these three treasures or time bombs, depending on your point of view, and the potential personal and maybe global catastrophes they could cause/create.  Bottom line is that I am just too scared to try them and too fragile to manage the potential consequences if I did.





What do you think?

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