To those who seek to die

We have no right to stop you dying
When your soul was already flying
Your body numb and dormant
Wanting an end to your torment

Just because we have won our battle
Doesn’t mean you follow like cattle
You have to walk your own path
To let out your own self wrath

Time is never over, until you stop it
Just like you stopped being hit
Will death end your relentless pain?
Suiciding, what does anyone gain?

A footnote in the media news
Your death for someone else to use
A message that you never intended
Reality and politics become blended

If you die today the sun still rises
People live on, of all sizes
Of all different pain levels
Tormented by their own Devils

We have no right to stop you dying
But that won’t stop us from trying
You definitely possess great value
Already to us and one day, you

Just stay alive to see it too
A new hope in place for you
Lean on us, till you can live
Your ownself you must forgive

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