I always thank you for being you

For never lying, remaining true

You took my hand, though miles away

And gently kept my demons at bay


I love that we have formed a bond

That includes how we correspond

We both write poetry but you can draw

You make me strive to be / do more


When I need help, a brother to me, you be

Straightforward, honest and sincerely

You listen to my pain, anguish and fear

I never worry that you won’t be there


When I need a friend, a brother to me, you are

Always there, threatening to get in your car

And shake some sense into me, and a hug

Until I see, and treat my depression, as if a thug


You read my work and always seek to motivate

You keep my oft messy thinking going straight

It annoys me that you always read me right

Knowing I am amping up to becoming uptight


You know, just what to say, be it caring

Or orders to stop the demons blaring

In my head, demons telling me to die

You make me stop and ask myself why?


I can not imagine my life without you in it

You are my  friend and my rescue remedy kit

A lifeline, a listening ear and a sibling to me

You have enhanced my life so beautifully


Thank you A. for being you






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