“The worst people on TV”

The title sums up how the couple, Brooke and Mitch have been defined throughout their time on The Block: Villa Wars.  I just watched the series final and they won the most profit of the four teams.  Their house was well designed and they focused money on the parts of the home that the buyer would have to spend a lot of cash on, like structural features.  Not as much, the superficial touches more easily changed.

In all honesty, I didn’t like them when they awarded the other three teams zeroes in the part of the show when they judged each other’s houses for a financial reward.  This was from the team with the most money and wins at that time.  In fact, the whole season seemed to feature the  producers trying to create situations to force or entice the contestants to play mean.  The only takers of this was Brooke and Mitch with the zeroes. 

But are they really the worst people on TV?  If we include the court cases featured on TV over this time, not to mention the recent terrorist attacks and mass shootings.   That is just a few “bad people” on TV.  I do get tired of the dramatic descriptors like worst because it is simply a media device to gain an audience.  It then becomes about the media needs, not the actual story.

Of course the show producers loved it.  It gave them more face time with the public over their episodes and voting process for the most popular team.  I feel bad for Brooke and Mitch because this “attack” on them became very public and personal.  They entered the show to win, it was a job for them.

I can hear the groans.  But is calling them bad people because of their game play fair?  How often were Jamie and Hayden called on their adamant sticking to their urban strategy otherwise known as black, black on black or black accents.  Could they not be labelled stupid or misguided?

The season lacked substance, becoming more about the “created” controversy.  Sarah remarked on the politics on the Block.  Is this a political drama rather than a home building reality show?  Or of more relevance is this really news?  Is there not more to say about and in NZ?

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