I had vaguely remembered that if someone told me I couldn’t do something… you guessed it I had to try.  More often than not I did do it  …in my own way but done.

I have countless memories of doing this.  I really detest being restricted by someone else’s idea of what I can achieve.  My two recent favourites are getting my Masters (take that doubters, which sadly often included me) and writing my chapter in a book I simply treasure for its meaning to me, currently in the final processes prior to publication internationally (when published I will blog on this).

My life, currently, is spent living in the moment.  In the spirit of this I have a very now example of my refuting another person limiting me.  That includes my husband who has learned over time and does it rarely.  He said that I could not mow the middle lawn of three.  I said I could because it is the only flat section of the three.

At the moment I am on a break from mowing the bottom AND middle lawns.  I intend to mow the top lawn too.  He is right in his thinking that with my physical fitness level and arthritic knees condition.   I am not ignoring these, I am adapting to them.  I couldn’t mow the lower lawn as high up the slope as hubby  can and I am probably slower.  I bet he critiques my mowing lines lol.   I tried to be neat but he’s a man …

What living in this moment taught me is that some of who I was in the past is not all bad.  I like my determination and tenacity.  What is even more crucial is that I want to make my restrictions.  Like proving the lawn point but only to what my knees can manage.


What do you think?

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