Me (Part Two)

So I finish mowing the bottom and middle lawn (see:  Me for the first part of this reflection, written earlier).  This put me at the level of the garage (my house is two storey but both stories open onto land – its hill, hill, hilly!).  I decide to put in some more petrol before heading up to the last section.  The lawn mover goes for a short while and then it just stops. It had made a different noise than earlier but I thought that was the ground being more sloped now.  Otherwise, I have no idea why.

Suddenly I notice the big black cap lid and the small yellow one that I had put the petrol in.  OMG it is the oil container – the measure thing attached to the cap should have given it away but it had been so long since I did anything with oil.  I realised I had put petrol in the oil container and I had KILLED THE LAWN MOWER.  Hubby’s precious baby less than a year old and its dead.

I panic but grab a bucket and empty the oil container into a bucket (no idea what I will do with it now!!).  I then think about who to ring for help – not hubby, he will have a fit and is hard at work.  I ring my brother  by choice, A. and he calms me down and suggests I ring a petrol station for advice.  I realise while talking to him that I had done this thing the very first time I went to fill my scooter, years ago.  The end result was not pretty for my poor scooter.  Some activities seem destined for me to repeat them, as if the first panicked “incident” was not enough to sink the lesson in to my mind.

I rang the local petrol station and this wonderful woman told me to drain the container, which I had already done and clean the filter (absolutely no idea where the heck that might be).  Since I was so flustered, she gave me her home address to take the lawn mower to her husband for him to check it out. Since it “died” it had not restarted.  This was an incredible kind offer.  It meant I had to lift the mower into my Toyota Echo and this was not going to be an easy lift but I was damn well determined.

I decided to try and start the mower one more time as the woman said I might have flooded it, putting it on one side when I drained the oil tank. It started!!! Which was perfect, considering I couldn’t actually lift the mower. I ran back and thanked her profusely for her amazing offer of help.  I put the right oil into the right contained (but it was a near miss on that fluid too!! but we shall not discuss this).  I finished the top lawn and put hubby’s baby safely in the garage.

I had rang hubby for advice when I couldn’t immediately reach A. and he was … let’s go with less than pleased and be a little PC for my blog readers.  I am knackered but pleased.  I got the 3 lawns completed with a little drama in the middle, that nearly derailed me.   I learnt two things from this activity.  The first is that I was physically stronger than I thought and the second that sometimes the past taught me something I really need to keep in mind!!!

Note:  No lawn mower died as a consequence of my idiotic actions and the scooter survived too for a long stretch before the lure of a car.


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