Rape Preventer Unit

There is a unique undercover unit in the Auckstrallis  police force – RPU (Rape Preventer Unit).  It is the combination of civilians and seasoned police officers.  The officers are constant but the civilians are transient. The unit functions in a classic bait and trap situation.  The civilians are the bait.  Each of them have been raped. Counselling and the passage of time has not assuaged their hatred, pain or shame.  They require the action that participation in this unit provides.  A more visceral sense of justice.

Rape victims often feel that they have some inherent lure to rapists. That no matter how safe they feel, they always worry about this happening.  It undermines their confidence, they put on weight and dress dowdy to prevent potential attention, to name but two strategies.  The court cases, if they could force themselves to go to court are like whip lashes on an already raw skin surface. Forcing them to recount the horror held forever in their minds and even worse to do so within a public arena.  Their pain paraded across the media in all formats.

The unit was established to make use of that “inherent lure”.  Whether it was true or not it became an acceptable rationale with the collection of facts in rape victims being raped more than once. The victims are paired with a team and frequent known sites of victim acquisition.  They choose to be abducted.  Which is of course tightly monitored by their team.  The rapist is caught moments before they would complete the act. 

This timing of apprehension serves three purposes.  The first, is that the rapist is taken off the street with a fully documented case against them.  The second, is that this solid case means that their rape victims are spared having to recount their pain, unless they wish to, as their major witness is their  rock solid case, including video. The third, is that the bait rape victims get to act against perpetrators of rape and chose to exert their power to choose.

The civilians are called this because they are no longer rape victims, or simply part of a process to seek justice for the crimes against them.  They become active participants in preventing other women suffering what they had, which including a drawn out court process. 

To date the success rate has been phenomenal.  In terms of both the criminal convictions and the mental well being of the rape victims, both bait and current.  When memories of what happened to them flare up, they can be replaced with the memory of besting a rapist intent on the same destruction of their victims lives, as theirs had been.

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