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Daily Prompt: The Wanderer

Prompt: Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit.



In no particular order:

  1. The Rainbow Bridge – because it is where I believe that my beloved deceased pets now reside.  I would like visiting hours to spent time with them and to hug them one more time.
  2. J.D. Robb’s setting for the death series – I would love to spend time with Eve and Roarke solving crime and just being with the characters (
  3. Nalini Singh’s Psy-changeling setting – I would love to spend time with the wolves and cats, an amazing place that I spent many hours (
  4. New York – because some of my friends live there. But also because a lot of my post graduate study has been about New York and the tragic events of 9/11
  5. Christchurch – this seems odd since it is in my country and it is somewhere that I have been before.  But after the major earthquake in 2011 it has completely changed the landscape and the rebuild is making more changes.  I love this city and want to get to know its new appearance.




I was 46 years old when I begun this blog, female and married with a house full of cats (7). My past is littered with the impact of events that happened when I was a teen. Two loves of my life have been nursing and studying. I just completed my Master of Arts: Media Studies endorsement. My blog will be about the things I think about, that might be better served being written rather than squirreled away in my mind festering. It is the meanderings of my mind as I seek to define myself and my world.

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