Letter to younger self

Dear younger self

I know that liking boys is new
But please don’t trust the first two
Love yourself as much as any other
Do not, that inner voice, smother

Life will go on after being dumped
Your heart can take being thumped
Keep your pride but prepare to learn
Even from the mistakes that burn

Look after your body, stay fit and well
Live in the moment, not the past to dwell
Find joy in every second, for grief will come
Have no regrets in the deaths of some

Appreciate your family and marriage
Walk proud with a straight carriage
Learn from those before you
But to your own self be true

Do things that make you smile
For your friends, go the extra mile
Sing to the radio songs every day
Make time in business to play

Think of me when you decide
To take a spin in that precarious ride
Learn from each experience you share
Never, your life to others, compare

Your older self

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