Hear the now

Background: I spelt here wrong in an earlier writing, using hear instead, incorrectly.  It dinged in my mind so I wrote it down for further thought.

Hear the now

Are you living in the here and now?
Is each moment unique and special?
Or are your moments locked from behind?
Like a song on automatic loop replays

Is the now what you see around you?
Or is it scenes long past and yet now?
Can you see the seasonal changes?
Or are the colours faded, shadowy hues?

Hear and now!!  Listen to the sounds
Locate yourself in the sounds of birds
Welcoming each morning light anew
See the sun, claim each inch of land

Fade out the sounds of the past
Unless you scream now, let it go
Unless you are hit now, this moment
Stop listening to the blows of the past

Be in the here and now
Hear the here and now
Let the past lay silent
Return to now it’s voice

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