When you look what are you allowed to see?

If I look into your eyes, what will I see?

Will it simply be, the reflection of me?

When I look at you, do I really look?

Or have I prejudged the cover, for the book?


What is your story? Can you provide narration?

Or is it too well suppressed for open exploration?

If I say I know you, is it the absolute truth?

Or is your secret self much more aloof?


When I see your face, is it you or your mask?

If I request of you, can I take your deceit to task?

Leaving upon your body, the invisible bruise

Of a defense that becomes a form of self ruse


You lie to me, but worse you lie to yourself

No mirror reflects this, turned toward the shelf

No one can stop you, it is your chosen self defense

But fear of being caught leaves you always tense


Who is the essential you, your inner core?

Would even you, recognise it anymore?

Should I keep on trying to see past the lying?

Or do you feel that I am endlessly prying?


Can you even answer my honesty request?

Or are you in your mind or body, simply a guest?

Reality is such a distance afar from your life

A constant niggling source of endless strife


I wish for you, to find the peace you need

To truly live, to heartily thrive, to succeed

That the lies that mark your life right now

Are bannished, as you, no longer them, allow

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