Unnatural tired


I had this horrid experience when I first started on antidepressants and anxiety medication.  I literally could not stay awake on some of them and when awake felt so dull headed it was awful.  It has sat in drafts for awhile and currently the new medication regime is working on the symptoms with few side effects.

I am attempting to write it from the pattern of the first verse, which was in drafts and it has not been easy.  I hope that you enjoy it.


It claws at my bones and deadens my mind

The “unnatural tired”, bought on by medication

Adding weight to the symptoms of depression

But they do achieve the reason for their creation


I can be one of the zombies made by medicine

Slumbering mind, despite my eyes wide open

Unable to hold a thought, let alone express it

Making within my bed, the perfect hide out den


What frustrates the most is that I have depression

And hang over misery from the medication side effects

I walk around with their dual weight dragging me down

Few in my life seem able to see  what that I call defects


There is no perfect “drug”, as there is no perfect human

Medication is prescribed for the symptoms, generically

I am not my disease process, symptoms or side effects

Stop treating me, without listening to my story, empirically







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