Poetry Silliness in the Dark of Night


I have decided to do this for my writing because the sentiments expressed in it can be from the past, now or future based.

This poem was written early this am, like 2 am while I was fighting sleep.  I had a medication increase to my night medications and it was freaking me out so rather than sleep and potentially wake up to  side effect hell, my brain decided to write creatively.  Yay for the pen and paper beside the bed.


What if 

What if I could fly

So very, very high

Would I seek to touch the sky

Or would it be used secretively to pry?


What if I could tunefully sing

For the joy to others it would bring

In tune with bells that soulfully ring

Or like a siren use my voice to seduce a fling?


What if I chose to breed

Not yield to my self greed

Would I be permitted to lead

To my dominant will, you do concede?


What if, is so inconclusive

A precarious way to live

Through the doubts I sieve

Hope, the only gift I have to give


The potential of could is so loose

Not a restrictive, limiting noose

Doubt a very dragging caboose

Indecision becomes the simple truce


I don’t want to just survive

In order to remain alive

I want to be able to live

With the conscious choice to forgive


The last verse was to recognise how annoying the ways of saying live and live are when trying to rhyme.






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