The Ractis Romance

This is a love story, so don’t read it if you generally avoid mush but if intrigued continue as this is not your ordinary one.

We met today and there you sat.  For the first time in my life I am ashamed to say I judged on first look.  This was not a “love at first sight” moment.  It was more of a “wow, ugly” moment.  I judged you strictly based on your appearance.  I was so wrong and nearly missed the near perfect melding of function and me.  Now it is true your age is against you, being that you are more than five years off the optimum age.  But then again, I am not exactly a spring chicken myself.  It might age me, when I am seen with you but since most things are judged these days anyway, and I ignore that judgement, what the heck.  I am seriously jealous of your travel from Japan, since I don’t even have a passport.  You are the complete opposite to my husband and his tastes but I not sure that is a plus or minus but its a truth.  But the moment, that special moment came when I first sat in your lap. True, it was a bit forward of me but it just felt so right and you were so inviting.  Furthermore, that question once asked long ago: would you smile each day when you woke up and saw her? Simply replied with: yes.

Maybe, now is when I tell you that I was on my first meeting with the Ractis.  This was not an amorous assignation behind my hubby’s back, mainly because he was standing beside me and well it is a car.

Ractis stands for Run, Activity and Space and it is imported out of Japan. The name is not as naff as it first seems, now that it has a rationale for it. It does have all those three things, as I discovered in my short test drive.  It is so spacious and when I sit in it I feel elevated. It is perfect for my arthritic knees, I can get in and out all of the doors and sit comfortably in all the seats.  The boot (trunk for non NZers) is huge and then, for more space, you can fold down the back seat.  The agent said that a man put his golf cart and all his golf gear in his Ractis.

The visibility on the road is impressive from all the windows, even the back.   The side mirrors are excellent and easily re-positioned.  I love that I can drive automatic, manual or sport.  No idea why I would want to but I love that I can.  It has cruise control which personally makes me completely panic but I could make it work.  The automatic gear stick is below the dash, not on the floor and that is perfect for my wrists when they are sore and not functioning easily.

The Ractis I test drove was red (2006) – perfect colour but the younger, 2009 one is a gorgeous blue and I could live with that.  The blue one has no dents and the paintwork seems “perfect”. It has been checked by the Automobile Association (A. A.) and Toyota.  We can purchase a three year service and warranty addition to ensure that they would fix any unexpected problems in that initial ownership period.

I may not be able to buy a car at this time but I tried other cars today, including brand new ones and the Ractis is it.  So maybe not now but when I return to work, I am getting a Ractis so I can continue what looks like the perfect melding of function and I never much cared for form.

Have you had a love affair with a car?  One you just had to have?   Fell free to tell me about it, I will fully understand having experienced it myself.

The images are from an image search for Toyota Ractis 2009:

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