What appears a woman

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I was getting ready to go out this evening and I considered the things I wasn’t rushing to do (despite having planned my prep time earlier).

I wasn’t bothering with makeup because I would just get grumpy when I couldn’t get it how I wanted.  I do sometimes use basic makeup to make my face less splotchy but not often.  I am always amazed at how some women look so natural and yet spent time getting that way.  In part, the absence of wearing makeup is an absence of knowing how and being too embarrassed to ask for instruction.  I have got the basics down on how, with the stuff I do wear (an earlier blog about this) and am pretty happy with that.

I watched my mum being “made over” for her birthday and it took an hour.  I am not sure I want to devote an hour to making up my face so to speak.  Its there and now and then I treat it to moisturizer and sun tan lotion but that’s about it.   I was never one of those kids that played in their mum’s makeup, mainly because she wears even less than me, and because I would rather be outside.  I was wearing skin and when I was younger that was enough to get out and about.

I am wearing flats.  My only other pair of shoes bar one sandals, boots and running shoes.  Yep I have 4 pairs of shoes that I actually wear and more often than not it is my running shoes.  In part it is because I wear inserts to correct my poor walking posture and in part because of that posture I would probably break my ankles in heels.   Now that is not to say I don’t love shoes I do but I am so practical I don’t like them just hanging around in case I wear them.  I wear shoes till their end and then hope to buy the exact same again, if I have not already done so.

I really love shoes and boots but I am just too practical and my feet just that grumpy regarding what I can wear.  I can’t wear the knee high boots because my calves are too fat (I crave to wear these), no heels for the aforementioned reasons, the footwear has to have the ability to hold my inserts so I can walk correctly and I have a wide front foot.  Sigh, the rationale are endless and it is very disappointing that I have so many restrictions.

How I do my hair is, well, convenient.  I brush it out and then it is put up if I want it out of my eyes or left to dry in the choice that it wants to as it dries.  I don’t primp or preen, but on a rare day in the hope for  the perfect hair for some reason, I spray it to an inch of its life.  The hopes are never met.  I remember at my wedding that as we were speaking the vows some of the many, many hair pins dropped to the ground.  My hair is very temperamental.

I do dye my hair because I can not stand being that grey at 47 (and much earlier – thanks dad’s side of the family).  But it is a trial to apply it and get ALL the grey.  However, I am too cheap to pay for it to be done professionally (I mean have you seen the cost even if I supply the dye?).  One thing I have paid for is perms.  Maybe it is the straight hair envying the curly hair syndrome – if so I have it!!

I don’t wear perfume (unless deodorant counts) because my skin gets itchy and the smell can cause sneezing.  But I do admire women who seem to gently waft a scent each time I pass them (is this repeat applications or some magic I am not privy to?).  I love the look of the bottles but nearly have cardiac arrest at the price of purchase.  Then the bottles look small and the packaging just not enough for that price tag (I am sure the price tag is bigger than the volume in some of the bottles).

I rarely wear dresses but again love them.  They just don’t suit my shape and years of riding a motor bike (well okay a large scooter) meant I am more comfortable in jeans.   I have some dresses in my wardrobe but they are the last choice more often than not.  Under skirts or dresses I wear bike shorts because of chaffing (lets be honest I am currently over weight).  I once went out walking with hubby and kept asking what that noise was – when he stopped laughing he finally told me it was probably my thighs rubbing together …

So, do I appear to be a woman?  I am one, so that’s in my favour.   But I don’t “do” the many accouterments of women.  Sometimes that can make me feel “less”.  However, I have come to the realisation that I wear and do what makes me comfortable for my appearance.  Previously I was too directed by what society deemed a woman and that made me feel like I could never fit it.

So I mentioned my weight earlier.  I am losing weight to regain flexibility and to feel healthier.  Its my decision and it is not informed by the many images of the so called perfect woman, a size even stripping me to my bones I would not achieve.  It is easier for me to be a woman, when the only judge for that is me and it is not made in any comparison to other woman or their definition of womanhood.


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