The Credglings


The Credgelings are preparing for this years mighty scavenger hunt.  They have their collectors tied into place at the front of their bodies. They quiver in excitement. They made their base under a creaking old structure, that when patrolling showed signs of being repaired. The hunt is based on the faith that the repairs will include painting. They have to be right because they travel so slowly that another site is out of the question.

How the hunt works is that the Credgelings place their collectors under the cracks in the structure. They cover every part of the structure and they wait for drips to find their containers. They sing quietly, a thousand beings whose life force depends on the hunt being successful. To a human it would be that annoying hum that seems to have no origins. Heard for a period and then not again.

When the hunt ends, an intuitive knowing or full collectors, the rationale not know to all. Just universally acted upon by every Credgeling in unison. What is done with the paint is a secret only known by them. It is steeped in their lore and what makes them Credgeling. The next tale might just reveal more. ..

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