Fear stalks us all

In a shower of bullets
Under the light of bombs
Fear stalked the land
It’s long  shadow of death

Now, it is focused on one city
The shock and compassion
But in reality it is spreading
No land is safe or immune

Why? Why me? Why here? Why now?
Endlessly asked, globally questioned
No answers, increased security screening
Minimally easing the immense loss

Loss of life, of structures, of safety
No longer able to exclaim exclusion
Ideology motivates the minds
Leading to more acts inducing trauma

What humans do to one another
In the name of (insert cause/rationale)
Is a frightening realisation for all
No one is safe anywhere, anymore

We used to laboriously travel slowly
Now we have faster, convenient ways
And fear restricts or government warnings
The freedom to wander but fear and don’t

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