Zombie Values

I have been thinking about zombies.  Very random as I avoid watching The Walking Dead series and related genre.  It seems to me they value brains.  Their basic communication  appears limited to expressing that desire, along with their dietary needs.  So, I wondered what that says about their society and by association  ours.  (Ours being composed of non zombie humans, just to be clear).

Our society appears to value appearance.  One example sums that up for me – the Kardashians.  Famous for being them and working it.  We also value money and power.  Judging people and assigning them positions based on one, two or all of those standards.

It seems neither “race” of humans is particularly balanced.  (Is race the right word?). The ultimate conclusion to either search appears to be imbalance.   The prioritization of one virtue, like brains or power, over another.  Eventually, the zombies run out of brains, adapt or die and we, do the same with our objectives.  Neither goal can prevent an end.

In relation to this, I thought about New Zealand and the recent rugby world cup (which NZ won).  In NZ, that and cricket dominate the media.  Yet there are so many other sports that have champions, that rarely rate a mention.  There’s that imbalance again.

This feels like a hit and run discussion, requiring or deserving much more thought and contributing voices.  I thought I would put it out there, get some feedback and get back into writing.  For me, now is my time to find my balance, as my life to date has been a series of imbalances.  But of the two “races” – I want to be remembered for more than how I looked or just my thoughts.

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