The power of determination

This poem’s content is another challenge from a friend.


We have the power to choose to be determined

We may be struck down with chronic or fatal illness

And I am not suggesting that we determined that

But we can determine how we manage it


Determining to be positive may impact the prognosis

It can mean people still want to be with you

Not turned away by an attitude of defeatism

Their own pain amplified by yours, all that is left


Determining to be negative can bring more suffering

Influencing reactions to sharing the diagnosis

And also the quality of the time left to share

Thankful for each moment or begrudging it


This seems too simple and it may well be

But we can determine how we live our lives

What we say, how we feel, who we are

The power of determination is simply choice

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  1. This really spoke to me.. although it is not exactly poetic.. but it is the truth and we should all learn to embrace these words, although it is not always easy.
    Thank you.


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