The distortion of destruction


There is a distortion of the destruction norm

A misappropriation of the word, to harm people

This application devastates the mind and soul 

Just as the building being demo’ed collapses


Imagine that destruction, but not of a building

But of a person, their very identity in society

Undermined by an avalanche of judgement

The external expression of their being ill


Now a source of difference for merciless taunting

Destruction should never apply to a person

And yet it happens everyday, in small ways

Little asides that may not intend, but devastate


Destruction is simply the act of destroying

Frequently applied in the building industry

But equally applicable to identity and lives

This destruction not by workers but by ‘society’


Hearing you are not “normal”, but “weird”,

You are not “socially acceptable”, often subtly

Words that destruct the target of the comments

Demolishing their self esteem, their self worth


Who is ‘society’ to judge what passes as normal?

Who is ‘society’ to choose the target of destruction?

We may be forced to hide, to avoid your persecution

But who are you, hiding behind the majority of “society”?


Destruction of a person because they do not fit in,

Is a crime perpetrated by society, on its members

We are members too, we are not outside of it

Except when you throw us away, defining us worthless


We also self destruct, destroy ourselves in pain

Fighting to fit in, to be accepted, to be ‘normal’

We adopt societal definitions and try to reshape,

Our very being to become anonymous, amorphic


What is wrong with us, that destruction is applicable?

Why not build us up and therefore strengthen everyone?

Why not embrace our rough edges and drafty construction?

To create a beautiful diversity that serves us all


People should not be defined by their labels

Destruction should not be the answer to difference

We fight to preserve a building under threat

And yet who fights for the mentally ill? 


This one is not sitting right for me.  I was given the title and thus the content but I am not sure I crafted it right.  Any advice gratefully accepted.

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