A reflection of strength

This poem is dedicated to Andre who requested the theme that it explores.


What gives me the strength to carry on?

Amidst the inner turmoil, illness and fear

It took me time to really consider this

To step away from the negative thinking


The first source of strength is my husband

He understands me and loves me still

He walks beside me, but never for me

Giving me the room to find my own strengths


The next resource is the brother of my heart

His enduring belief in me a source of strength

That I can turn to and never be denied

Unconditional acceptance, a true privilege 


The third source is a woman of grace

She growls her challenge to my assumptions

Quietly asserting what she sees within me

Her friendship is a gift without price, an honour


Number four is a very stubborn woman

One who heals through her life experiences

She speaks with quiet dignity and strength

Calling me sister and embracing my challenges


But where is my inner strength, the core of me?

It is derived in my sheer stubbornness

Tell me I can’t, sure fire guarantees I will

The only limitations are really my self belief


Much of my inner strength is genetic

The women in my family are strong

Confidence in their own capabilities

Enhanced by the mates they choose


I gain strength in the words of others

A phrase, a meme, a comment or a book

Words weave relaxation, escape and joy

Strengthening me in countless ways


Strength can wax and wane like ocean waves

But like those waves, strength not being ‘seen’

In no way denies its continued existence

Always there for me, I just need to reach for it



A challenge to my readers – give me a topic and I will give you a poem about it.  

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