Blogging 201: Day two auditing my blog

Today’s assignment:  audit your brand – look at all the ways you communicate information about your blog to make sure they’re consistent and focused.

I found this assignment to be quite a challenge and one I will not get completed today as I need to really think about it a bit longer.  When I began my blog I had an idea of writing long form ramblings on content that related to my life experience to date and the impact that has had on forming who I am.   When I did blogging 101 I branded my blog on that initial idea. Instead, after the initial posts, poetry has become my main way to express how I am feeling and what I am thinking about.  I am not sure anything about my blog represents the kind of poetry I write so over the next few days I will need to really think about what would represent the new direction of my blog.

I still like my title for the blog (Shadowrealities) but I am thinking a new tagline that relates to the poetry would be helpful for continuity with the content.  I also think I need a new look and cover image.  All of which is going to take time for me to consider.  I wanted to write something for today and seek some advice from anyone willing to read a bit of my blog, look at the appearance and make some suggestions that could help me out.

I am also considering how I feel how I share my blog and whether I am prepared to open it to Facebook etc, with what can be very personal information   Much of what is contained in my blog is details of my life I have hidden up to now so I need to think about how I feel about more readers.  I know that sounds funny since I am writing a blog but I guess I am a shy writer.  I appreciate every follower and reader that I have but I am always deeply surprised that someone wants to read my work.

So overall today’s assignment is going to be a work in progress for me but it is making me think a lot about the changes in my content and that not being reflected in my blog as a whole.  Is anyone else finding today’s assignment a challenge? Feel free to comment because I would more than welcome any assistance in what may become a major overhaul to suit my poetry which has become a dominant feature of my blog.

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  1. Excellrnt read, I just passеd this ߋnto a friend wҺo was doing some resеaгch oon thаt.
    And he just bought me lunch аs I found it fօrr him smile Therefore
    let mme rephrase that: Thank yyou fоr lunch! “Remember It is 10 times harder to command the ear than to catch the eye.” by Duncan Maxeell Anderson.


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