Blogging 201 Day One: Three Blog Goals

Today’s assignment:  consider what you want to accomplish with your blog.  Write three concrete goals.

My blog was always meant to be a form of therapy for me that might prove interesting to the potential reader. I am really looking forward to completing Blogging 201. I got so much from doing Blogging 101.

My first goal is to obtain more comments.  I get a lot of likes but less often is there a comment left.  I would like to increase this and make my blog more interactive between me and the reader.  There is no real % increase goal, it is more the desire to encourage comments either offering advice on improvements, especially for my poetry to what someone thought of the content or suggestions for further readings, helpful sites etc.

My second goal is to improve my writing styles from poetry to the longer writing forms.  This goal is to make it more interesting for my readers and to work toward being able to publish my work in the future.  Additionally, the more writing I do the more comfortable I become in having others read my work.

My third goal is to spend one hour (as a minimum) a day each week visiting my follower’s blogs, reading and commenting from now till October 1st (and beyond).  I am conscious that I don’t take enough time to actually enjoy the work of others and this is a good way to motivate me.

Looking forward to reading the work of other Blogging 201’ers.  Any comments are very welcome.

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  1. Great goals Sam! #2 is an important one. At least I think it’s your second goal, interacting with other bloggers. I’m so horribly inconsistent with that also, even after two attempts at 101 lol. Good luck with your 201 challenge and you’ll see me around.


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