I wrote this one a while ago and was going to add to it but instead I am just leaving it be.  See what you think.  Comments are welcome.


There is an emptiness when you realise that time has passed

That the choices as a child will continue to haunt you as an adult

That those same reassuring patterns, beliefs, fears and memories

Become barriers, rather than the guidelines they were intended to be


So when they are all stripped away, the choices removed, now ashes

What rises in their place? Does anything provide a chance to start anew?

To begin again is daunting, to not rely on the past because it lies, scary

It whispers of a time passed, that waits if you make certain choices


They are lies because the past is simply that, passed

You can not recapture what has been, but it can entrap you

The lure of being young, free, naive once more, able to forget

But experience prevents the lies ever able to become reality

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