Are you normal?

     What is normal?
Why is being normal so reverred?
Why is normality so rigidly protected?
Who defines what characterises “normal”?

     I think, that for many people,
“Normal” is the act of fitting in
A performance for acceptance
A mask worn so tight it consumes them

     Displaying individuality is shunned
Cruel labels attached to behaviour
That burn the skin of those affected
Fitting in, being the same, is the norm

     Who defines what is normal?
The majority, a popular trend
But if masks were removed
How many people are honestly normal?

     How can we achieve normality?
Except as a costume, a required look
Copying those around us, merging
Losing ourselves in the need of society

     And why? Because control is easier?
Because “different” is to be feared?
What happened to freedom?
To being the best we could be?

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