Did I choose this burden?


The weight of the world is hefty

Trying not to trail pieces in the dirt

Not knowing everything you carry

But feeling it is your burden to do so


The weight of the past is heavier

While some is hidden, most is known

Tendrils lock into your heart and mind

Whispering their poisoned falsehoods


The weight of the future is not known

The size of the burden a potential estimate

Fluctuating as it becomes the now and then the past

The majority contributor the fear of the unknown


The weight of this moment is compromised

As it is heavily influenced by the others

Wavering control, mounting pain with no end

This weight indistinguishable from the others


None of these weights ring true on the scales

None of these burdens manifest uniformly

Every person is burdened differently

The weight composition of their own making


Will what burdens YOU be allowed to crush you?

Will YOUR spirit trail in the dirt, exhausted?

Will YOU assume weight that is not yours to carry?

Or will YOU unburden the yoke and choose more carefully?

Author note:

I love waking up to a poem bursting to escape my mind.  They rarely require much editing and usually spring forth complete.  All of which feels miraculous to me considering how much I usually labour to write.  This one is like a question for me to ponder on my journey to better mental health but I hope it provokes others to consider just what is weighing them down and even more importantly, why?

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