Depression is simply a mood state

You try to accept that, to breathe

As it silently weighs you down

A heavy, blanketing burden of despair


Depression becomes the way of life

The despair soaking into your bones

Your mind slows with the infinite dull pain

The never ending darkness on a bright day


What you can do becomes defined by this mood state

Struggling to even get out of bed, to perform self care

Days might as well be nights, they have no separate meaning

Everything blurs to the dulled mind, time passes as does life


It may have one inclusive name:  Depression

But the experience for each person is very different

For some it is simply the opposite to their happy state

It is difficult to explain to other people, how it feels


People say “cheer up”, “just smile” or “snap out of it”

Like having depression is in any way a person’s choice

We live with it, it lives within us and it can affect everything

But let me be very clear it will never define all of who we are


I will never answer beyond “I’m fine if you ask how I am”

This is not about you or our relationship, its part of me

I consider this a private battle, one I rarely share

But it does mean something that you asked

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