The funeral was today and it was a beautiful way to say goodbye to Auntie Dorrie.  The music was some of Auntie Dorrie’s favorites including Angel by Sarah McLachlan.  The video display showed some amazing photos from her 103 years.  Her memory was amazing right to the end and I loved hearing the memories that other people had of her.  Balloons were released at the end of the funeral and the wind lifted them high.

I practiced a lot of my mindfulness and stress relief strategies today to ensure I stayed in the moment and didn’t suppress anything.  On my emWave2 stress reliever machine I scored my highest coherence at 91% so I believe I achieved that.  I even spoke at the funeral and was comfortable enough in the decision to do so to actually look at people in the pews.  My voice broke near the end but I did pretty well for me, since I truly hate any form of public speaking.


Hubby was amazing.  He put hankies in my pockets and supplied my mum.  He took me out to dinner in the evening, just the two of us and it was a wonderful end to a sad day.  He just knew what I needed all day long and simply provided it.  I am truly lucky in my hubby.  My friends have also been amazing support throughout this hard time and I have really appreciated all their care and kindness.

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