Sometimes we are faced with events that rob us of the words to fully explain what they mean to us.  Losing Auntie Dorrie is one of those events for me and my family.  She died at 103, I can not imagine being born in 1912 and dying in 2015, the things that she saw in her lifetime. She has always been in my life.  Her stories of the past told me of her life, her friendship with my grandmother and the childhood of my mother.  She was a gift to all those who knew her.  A woman of grace and patience, quiet strength and enduring spirit.  Her funeral tomorrow is going to be one of great sorrow, no preparation can make that pain any less and nor should it.  I believe that she will always be with me as are the other people that have left my life and while they were in it had shared part of who they were, which influenced who I was.


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