I have been writing poetry lately.  I don’t think that I am very good at it but it doesn’t carry the burden that my other writing does.  There has never been the pressure on my poetry that there was on my essays and thesis, which has soured my enjoyment in writing.

I find that when I write poetry my mind must be composing it unconsciously ahead of time.  This is because it flows when I get this urge to write one.  I rarely edit the ones that feel complete. Some lie waiting for completion and are in a sticky place.  When I come across the poems again I often finish them swiftly.  I think my unconscious mind keeps chewing them over.

I feel the writing flows because I often write about what is happening in my life in that moment or that which is lying heavily on my mind.  I have no formal training which is some ways can make poetry writing easier as I do not conform to any “rules” except the thoughts that convey the poems.

I just like writing and reading poems.  Marveling at the skill of word smiths that tame the written word into beautiful pieces.  I just hope my poems entertain.

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    1. Thanks D, how is your writing going? My poems are on here and on the poetry app Poetizer – which is a great app too I get to read poetry from all over the world (well the ones in english)


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