The House of Pain

This was put in drafts on November 30th 2014.  The italics is from the draft, while the rest is new.



I think a better title is:  The Body of Pain



When pain first arrives you think you can wait it out

The words surrounding it are ‘temporary’, ‘secondary’

The pain scale a novel way to process how bad it hurts

When pain first arrives you believe it is going to leave



Pain batters the entrance to your body and mind

It weighs far more than the body that houses it

Each follicle hurts, every vein carries it, throbbing

Moving becomes a battle of epic proportions



I would crawl into a cave and hope to hide from it

But the pain climbed right on in there with me

It shows in the shadows in my eyes, the unshed tears

The careful way I move, the hunch of defeat



Pain is my shadow that doesn’t leave with the sun going down

It has equal strength in the day and the night

Nightmares are begun in the leeching of the pain

From conscious to unconscious expression



Pain lives in me but I do not always accept its place

I learn how to combat it to have a better life

It is a daily battle, a daily fight to a life with pain

We are legion, those who suffer and we will triumph



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