Silver Memories

I wrote this the day after my wedding anniversary in 2014.  Didn’t make it to 25 but like what I have so publishing unedited or added to.


Today is our 25th wedding anniversary (25 Nov).  We have been an ‘us’ longer than an ‘I’.  I was trying to remember 25 things that belong to our marriage.  So here goes:

1.  On our wedding day I was terrified that the guys had shaven hubby’s beard and mustache.  He spend the traditional night at our home, while I stayed at my parents.

2.  I remember that my cousin D couldn’t attend because he was injured in a fire, that his dog saved him from.  Sadly, later the loyal dog died in an operation.

3.  I remember that I couldn’t breathe till I saw hubby waiting for me and when we got the invite to kiss I didn’t want to stop hugging him.

4.  One year hubby got a rose delivered to my work for our anniversary (may have been the first year) and it was green – he had asked for a white rose.  The green one was much more special.

5.  Our first home was bought a year before we married and we bought home the huge hanging baskets of flowers from the reception.

6.  We had a dinner party for all hubby’s relatives that had come to spend more time with them since this was our first time meeting.

7.  I hate being called Mrs. Kelly.  As much as I am proud to be his wife and to bear his name I feel depersonalized when addressed that way.

8.  Hubby has a ring that he has never worn but keeps in his top drawer.

9. Our favourite evening is in a hotel that has the balcony facing the sea.  We eat dinner and breakfast watching the sun go down and rising.  It is a spectacular view.

10.  We married in the gardens of a place called The Barn.

11.  My hair had hundreds of pins and sprayed to an inch of its life and I remember feeling the pins fall out and watching some float to the ground.

12.  My favourite part of the wedding was the photographs, irreplaceable memories.  I hated being in front of everyone and the centre of attention, even though they were friends and family.

13.  My friend Tina made my dress and my brother surprised me by wearing a suit that matched the guys in the wedding party.

14.  Biggest surprises were finding out that the best man and a bridesmaid had both ‘fancied’ me.


Memories like these are as precious as the photos.  It means the joy of that day is not contained solely in that day or the albums generated from it.  I hope you enjoy it.

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      1. You looked beautiful & your dress was one of many things that made your wedding about you 😊 Have you ever thought of renewing your vows? I wanted to years ago but V was not keen.


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