Ode to my expanding waistline

I really want some junk food, some very specific old favourites:

Oh let me taste “the real thing”, beloved Coke
Let the cool liquid slide down my throat
Let my nose be tickled by the bubbles
I salivate at the images this creates

Oh let me taste the salt and vinegar chip
Let me suck the salt from within your ridges
Let me bite down with a resounding crunch
I lick my lips at the mere thought

Oh let me accompany the exalted chip with dip
Onion soup, reduced cream + vinegar combined
Lumpy and smooth it glides on the chip
I reach for my car keys shaking in the desire

And there it is – my trio of doom
Comfort in the taste and textures
But also weight in the consumption
Guilt in the giving in to the need

Will definitely edit but must go to the supermarket for … bread … yes bread. Denial is rampant at this time. Hope you enjoyed it

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  1. I feel the same! I love food especially bubbly bubbly coke as it mingles with the chips in my mouth…..tomorrow I’ll follow that diet.


      1. Yes I have popcorn and ice cream is delicious!! I don’t like vinegar chips though. Smarties and popcorn is great too. My profile is very similar to yours. I am 46, divorced with a house full of cats!


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