Began on December 03, 2014.  The italic words are from the draft.




The detritus of my past experiences are smothering my now

The artifacts of memory are weighing me down

I can not walk, but crawl toward the horizon

Seeking a future that may never be realised


Where should I turn, which path to take

All of the sign posts have been burned

I have no direction of my own, I circle in confusion

The past is piling up behind me, alongside me and now in front

Where do I turn?  To whom?  How do I go forward?

Medication can smother the symptoms

But the underlying pain and causes lurk

Bubbling, fermenting and waiting on their chance

Counselling offers short term solution, or maybe the peace of release

That is the past pattern, I need “the final” solution, one that sticks

Talking makes no change, if thinking and actions do not follow

Or eventually the familiar path returns, walking the same steps

I continue on my journey, seeking external signposts

While mending internal wounds, seeping their pain

They colour my perceptions, my path is littered with them

But I will persevere, I will share, I will prevail

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  1. I think the solution is in all of us, but we need to nourish it with things we try that don’t necessarily work out for us, but keep investigating, reading, trying to find a way to own our individual solutions.

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