Into The Makeup Labyrinth

Warning: My ineptitude with makeup may shock and traumatise some women (LOL)




This is the morning “selfies” of pre and post Thin Lizzy I did for a dare.  The bottom                         one is the makeup wearing one.  Which I later learnt was incorrectly  applied                                 big time – oh dear.



I am 46 years old and the most I have ever worn makeup for is my wedding and it was professionally applied. It is a kind of sense of missing something, as a woman, that means I at least try to put something on. What I normally do is wear, if anything, is a kind of ‘smoother’ approach so that I look less blotchy and pale. The first product was Natural Glow and more recently it has been Thin Lizzy. The one little tine or two did everything – foundation, bronzer, eye shadow, lip etc etc. I found that I had been putting my Thin Lizzy on all wrong and that could explain why I never really liked the look lol.

I had Thin Lizzy on today when I went into Farmers to find the complementary concealer I had seen advertised on TV. Chad and I were browsing which is quite normal for me as I avoid garnering attention for my shame in how little I know and how inept I felt. This lovely consultant came over to ask if she could help. I am a makeup dunce. Give me an essay and I can knock it out. Ask me my skin regime or the name of my products beyond Thin Lizzy and I am literally confused. This woman was brilliant, she tried to find me a Thin Lizzy concealer to wear but felt they were all to pink for me in tone and she showed me what she meant. I had no idea about tone I just wanted to hide the black circles under my eyes.

My ‘ skin regime’ and yep I am calling it that is a shower where water may or may not hit my face enough in the morning and after the gym lol. Hand cream on my face if I get hot and body suntan lotion so I don’t burn. Lately I have been putting on night cream and eye cream that I unearthed from my pile of ‘oooh this is a good idea and now gather cobwebs’ drawer. I feel quite virtuous about this regime lol. It is a lot for me. They are good products in my defense. What I missed is the cleaning in the morning and night to remove the residue and skin cells etc (who knew). So anything on my face literally moves in for the duration unless accidental dousing occurs.

When explaining my regime to the consultant she managed to not laugh but there were obvious signs of shock. She showed me a concealer that would blend with the Thin Lizzy and apparently ‘blend’ is a very important phrase. I began writing notes at this stage. Blend went down in capitals. Because L’Oreal had a buy one get one half price sale she showed me Primer which she demonstrated and made the Thin Lizzy go on much smoother and it felt nice. I had some weird thoughts on the term primer – my face is like a paint site lol and requires priming. Hmm must not wander in my thoughts in this dangerous place.

Oddly I had a ‘selfie’ of before and after Thin Lizzy that I took this morning as a dare from a friend and from it she was able to see my skin condition a bit better than the current display, that could be referred to as hit or miss application as the powder foundation and bronzer is swirled in the general direction of my face with no real plan. I had also failed to tap first so in a close up mirror, in some places it looked like a light snow fall covering and in others a mud patch. I laugh now but I was mortified in the shop. The consultant just showed me better ways of application that would help me in future and no condemnation or laughter.

She led me to the L’Oreal wall and yes it was a wall of product. I was starting to glaze over at all the choices since Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 does it all in one little powder. But she showed me items that would work around the Thin Lizzy and didn’t make me feel really stupid. She did suggest a skin regime that would be healthier for my skin and a real regime. The first product after the concealer was the primer which was for between my skin and the foundation. It did make the Thin Lizzy apply better and it looked smoother – it blended!!! So proud I slipped that in there. She got me to feel the texture on my skin and gave me time to write things down and ask what was probably insanely idiotic questions. At this stage hubby said “show her what she needs and we will go from there”.

So she worked out that if we bought two cleansing products we could get the cleanser free. She found the perfect – for – my – skin summer and winter moisturizer. I photographed the winter one and bought the summer one, which she fully explained including stressing the pea size amount to put on (I choose to plead the fifth on what size I was using prior to this with my night cream). What impressed me here was she said not to buy the winter one if the summer one was still working (I am hoping I will be able to determine this). The winter one was much thicker in texture.

Hubby wanted me to get a lipstick, since I hate the texture of the Thin Lizzy one. I was not able to answer her questions about preference due to my lack of, well any real experience, on matte or gloss. I thought that was photographs, sigh must concentrate lol. I thought gloss because I like lip gloss and I usually get brown as a colour. She helped me find a really pretty natural pink (not what I would have picked in a million years). Sensual rose, even the name makes me smile.

She did keep going back to the foundation being not quite right but didn’t insist on a new one. She found me the one I could replace the Thin Lizzy with that was perfect for my skin and I photographed that. At the till she found I had a spare half price offer and we got the foundation. Make up is frigging dare I came to realise and Farmers only have the price on the shelf not the product and we often moved to the Thin Lizzy display to make it work with the new stuff. How much was a surprise, and for me, who rarely buys make up – a holy heck surprise – but hubby stepped in and we got it all. I mean the concealer is thinner than lipstick and well expensive – think pea size application, pea size.

So what we bought was all L’Oreal. The make up remover wipes and daily moisturizer got me the cleanser free. The sensual rose lipstick, primer, foundation and concealer came under the buy one, get one half price. Now I could be simply be gullible and overwhelmed at the labyrinth of the make up journey and this was at one wall – have you seen the tonnes of displays? Let alone the different named moisturizers – really how many different types can we really need? I enjoyed the experience, first time ever regarding make up and she tried everything out on my skin and let me try it. She didn’t judge me or make me feel stupid and I bought nothing that I didn’t want to. I felt like a real adult woman lol – and who knows next time it might be the colour makeup like eye shadow and eye liner etc, can’t totally see it but who knows I am evolving atm.

Hope you weren’t too bored – let me know your make up stories and any tips…

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  1. I wished we lived closer too!!! Come October for mum’s birthday bash weekend we can show off our hard – worked – for exercised bodies and play with our makeup. I think D and B needs a makeover so we can play on their faces to up the fun factor. Thanks for commenting, now do some of your writing Missy!!!


  2. A really brave post! I’m so amazed by your ability to put yourself out there no matter that you don’t want to. Your other posts talk of hiding but you don’t always..can you see that you have done the opposite of that here? I too use Thin Lizzy on light makeup days. Sometimes, more common recently, I don’t use anything at all. I use the dark coloured one on the beauty ladies advice. I use it sparingly. When I feel I need more, instead I use Garnier BB Cream light/clear from the supermarket. I might also add a bit of Thin Lizzy on my cheek area if I want to look healthier than I feel.. L’Oreal Eyeliner under my bottom lashes not inside my eye (I look weird like that I think). Usually a Revlon lipstick (I have two favourites not dozens) as I like their colours. Mascara from supermarket. I have eye shadow but only use it for occasions – funerals or weddings. I wish I lived closer so we could play at this together 👭


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