B2, along with B1, were the last cats that we adopted. They had been abandoned and we took them in to fatten them up and find them a new home. The names, like them were meant to be temporary but they are now part of our family.

B2 is the girl and she has this one quirk that is both amusing and annoying at times. Do you know the noise that a cat makes when they bring in a “gift”? Some poor dead creature they stalked and now toy with. Well, toy with, after they drop it at your feet with a look full of awaiting for the homage their gift is due. Apparently me screaming when a live mouse is dropped in my lap is enjoyable to their ears because they do this repeatedly.

B2 makes this noise when she brings in her yellow cat toy. It is a black stick with a long line of yellow feathers attached. When in the mood, we can hold the stick and drive her (and some of the other cats) into delirium as they chase the yellow ‘tail’ round and round and up and down the hall way.

She carts this toy all over the house, announcing her entrance with the proud cat hunter noises. I can wake up with it in bed with me. Hubby can look down from his computer desk and find it laying abandoned, as with headphones on he had missed her yowls to alert him to game time. Often a despondent B2, sitting nearby with a distraught look on her face at our lack of respect for her gift.

At times B2 will grasp the black stick and run up and down the hall, with B1 in hot pursuit. They can play in this way for hours. However, B2 will not tolerate B1 carrying her prey, it is hers after all, she caught and carried it into every room in the house seeking play mates.

If we throw the toy out of the room we are in, she will return it to us. Doing so with a look that suggests we do not know how to play this game correctly. She is willing to teach us but we better get it right and quickly or her prey yowls become those of sad disappointment.

B2 brings great joy into our life, she is so talkative. However, at some ungodly hour of the morning having yellow feathers drift across your mouth scaring the heck out of you or that sound piercing your sleep is less endearing. Talking, even yelling at her just amps up her conversation. It is just part of the joy of B2.

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