My Online Life

Since I tried an alternative to writing essay formats for Blogging 101,  I have become hooked on the verse form.   It provides me a short burst per sentence to say what I need to and I find myself enjoying it.   I don’t get entangled in trying to make sense. When I am ready to write it can just flow, like it has been sitting in the recesses of my mind waiting for a voice.  That is not to say that I don’t have two partial poems in draft that are just not working but the kernel of an idea that they each contain are ones that I am not yet willing to give up.

I have found that most of the poems are dark in nature.  At this time in my life it suits my mind set but that isn’t to say that I spend my days in sadness or hopeless grief.  I am sure that eventually poems will focus on my cats, my home or my marriage and they will be more uplifting.  Just not right at the moment.  At the moment the confines of my life (mainly through my own lethargy) dictate this thought pattern.

I hope you enjoy this one and feel free to make comments including suggestions for improvements.  I am sure I will come back to this and the others and attempt to make them ‘perfect’.  The unending search for perfection that has always guided my life.

My online life 

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Going online is my lifeline

The last remaining umbilical cord

Tethering me to this world

That I am slowly detaching from


Going online is my connection

Through it, I find like minded people

Remaining safe behind my computer screen

I move in this world without physical contact


Going online is silent, the sound turned off

And yet it provides me a voice, to share my thoughts

I engage in conversations, I make friends, I am known

Just through the tapping on my keyboard


The computer screen fills my vision

When writing, I am not looking at faces or scenery

I stared fixedly at words that imprint on my screen

Using Facebook, Skype or W.O.W. chat


Going online gives me distance

Although my words can be far reaching

My body remains safely in my lounge

Prying eyes can only see what I post


Going online reduces my exposure

Even the emotional connection to my writing

Is lessened in the act of the scribe

I can write shedding tears and no one can see


Turning my computer off

Can feel like switching off my self

I sit in darkness and solitude

Facing a blackened screen


The absence of that glowing screen

Something that I can not contemplate

It is my voice, my haven, my place

In a world I rarely place an actual tread

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