The Woman’s Scream

This one needs work as its point got a little lost on me as I wrote it.  Normally I have an ending that I am working toward but this one not so much.  It will be one I return to and fiddle with.  Any suggestions welcome:

The Woman’s Scream  


When the west wind blows

The legends are quick to say

That it contains a woman’s scream

Horror no longer held at bay


Her identity is unknown

She remains un – named

Her scream is all that’s familiar

A level of pain, untamed


Her story becomes a quest

To discern her reality

The guesses to her fate, a jest

Turning fear into folly


Was she alone on her journey?

Did she have friends that missed her?

Did she have family to mourn her passing?

A hundred questions, her story to infer


As much to her scream, as the rumours

Over time many people listen

They add a visual layer to the sounds

The tears of her grief believed to glisten


I wish that I had known her

That someone had her story

So that her written ending

Was one that sung her glory


But her fate is unknown

Nothing but the legend

But when the west wind blows

To hear her screams you can depend

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