Malleable metal

Today’s assignment: extend your brand with one of the following: a custom Blavatar, a custom image widget, or a Facebook fan page.

This one was challenging.  As usual faced with changing technology I panic but I took my time and explored the options.  I like my photo as my avatar so I left that one alone (and it took me frigging ages to get it showing up all over the place and now I can’t remember how).

This comment struck me in relation to connecting to Facebook:

Not promoting your blog is like renting a theater to stage your one-man show and then refusing to put up flyers because you don’t want anyone to show up (Mommy Man) 

I originally wrote as a kind of diary, a reflective purging through my writing.  Then I let my hubby, cousin and friend read it, stretching my ability to manage the thoughts of someone else reading my thoughts.  Then through blogging 101 I found amazing people to read and people who chose to follow me because they like my writing.  It was really and remains incredible to me that people want to read my thoughts.

But it is because so much of my inner thoughts hit these blogs that I am still reluctant to increase the potential readership through Facebook.  I did initially advertise my blog on my Facebook page and I think for now that is enough for me.  I am not sure exactly who is a ‘friend’ on Facebook and am not ready to open my writing to one of hubby’s workmates and provide access to a part of our lives that hubby, and myself, might want less open.  This may change in time, we shall see.

So I went for customising my background and fell in love with this one:


Malleable metal reminds me of the frailty of the human spirit.  We can be twisted to the machinations of those in power or who hold our hearts in their grasp and that with a critical comment can literally crush us.  But it also reminds me that we are strong like metal and can with stand, until that time that we can stand straight and unyielding again – well at least until the next blow.  I also just like the hit of texture, more visible in the photo above than maybe in my background.  Not sure this theme shows it off at its best advantage but it makes me smile when I see it.

Let me now what you think of my background, thoughts or if you can suggest my next theme change.  I love comments!!

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