I am a bit behind this week but managed to do most things bar today’s assignment to: build your storyteller’s toolbox by publishing a post in another format or a style you’ve never used before. I only every write essay form so this is a challenge for me.  This is my attempt at poetry:


It was a dark cold night, with the wind blowing the leaves from the trees

The glow from the interior lights barely breaching the gloom

It felt like the shadows of the dark, merged with the shadows of the past

I was crushed in an oppressive shroud, any bravery rapidly flees

Memories encase me, the dark oppresses me and I struggle to breathe

The mental anguish, the physical pain, the unending grind to live

I walk as if I carry the world, the universe and the nightmares of the many

Each step away from any hope of this reality having something to relieve

I walk alone, along life’s shadowed paths, in the darkness of my thoughts

Shrouded in misery and yet no company comes to join me

The past, the dark and the pain are my surly companions

Standing against all this anguish, hate, pain I have no retorts

It is not all doom, barren life, the weight of pain or gloom

I would not leave you glum and wary through this reading

Get to know me, stay awhile and see if you can find me

Within the darkness, for the light and the bright I make room

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There it is and it is a bit of a mess.  I basically wrote it straight with little thought or editing.  It is rather dark.  To be honest I much prefer paragraphs to verse.  I like poetry but have no particular skill at it.  See what you think.

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