The Key To Me

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The exercise for today was to respond to the daily prompt with my interpretation of it.  That prompt is:  Golden Key: You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access.  How do you use it, and why? (

I don’t feel that there is a physical, locked place that I want to enter.  I am lured at the prospect of entering private collections with art works that should be contained where the public can share them.  I just want to see some of the ‘lost’ treasures.  The key might need to be linked to what I want to see, rather than a specific place so that I could see a few of them where ever they were.  Altruistically, I might want to open the doors of the world’s treasuries and play in the gold and currency within.  Leaving the doors unlocked as I leave so the world’s people could take what they needed.  But I guess, for myself  and where I am in the world, I am comfortable on what is locked and unlocked in my life and therefore inaccessible or accessible.

If time travel was included in the key, would I want to explore the places that we only know about because of historians rather than direct access.  Maybe I could be the scribe to an event that is personally important to me? To be present in the situations that molded our current reality, be it religious, academic, military or cultural events etc, etc.  It is even more tempting if the key gave me the chance to change history.  What would our world be like if, for example, the great wars never occurred nor the events within them or assassinations were prevented?  It can boggle the mind to think of a world without reference to 9/11, because someone went back and prevented it.  There could be a lot of power in this golden key.

I am going to use my golden key in a less than literal approach.  It is not a building, room, locker, box or place in time.  In fact, it is nothing physical.  I am going to use the ‘golden key’ to  access my mind.  The locked parts that are often in control but without my full cognizance.  Those parts can be the past experiences, good and bad, repressed memories and those that haunt or comfort me, my conscience and sum of learning so far.  It is the little wisp of thought that echoes in my mind, telling me I am not good enough but  whose origins I am not completely aware of.  In essence, it is whatever I am hiding, or is hidden from me, preventing my being able to fully know me.

I want to use my golden key so that there are no hidden shadows in my mind.  It becomes completely open to me.  All my hidden motivations, fears, lies and memories.  If there is a disease process blocking my knowledge the key sweeps it away.  After use, the key would merge with my mind leaving me the option of locking or unlocking at any given time.  I would like the choice to return to ignorance, unconscious blocks, if my life or mental state required it.  I want to be able to climb out of the rabbit hole, to spit the pill back up if the knowledge I obtain is so detrimental to me.

I would use my ‘golden key’ to free my mind of the past.  To give me the chance to walk into the future without hidden motivation, pain, guilt, sadness etc, etc.  I would hope that the knowledge I gained about my life and how I really felt/thought about past experiences would be a freeing one.   I would want it to be like the times when in my mind I ‘say’ one thing but in the situation I choose to express the more political correct response or one that I deem less hurtful to the recipient.  I simply want the choice to be available, for all information, feelings, beliefs etc, etc accessible for review  and an understanding of their impact or potential influence.  If nothing else it might make me speak slower and reduce stress.

It is an interesting prompt.  So many times things locked away are so very, very tempting to access.  Think of Pandora’s box – would you be able to resist from opening it?  Even if there were dire warnings attached to it prior to the opening? Consider the basis of some horror stories, the protagonist hears a sound and has to walk toward it, even if the community is within the throes of a serial killer spree.  The opportunity of the key is like that sound, we have to use it.  The allure is just too great.  I wonder if the huge responsibility or limitless choices might overwhelm us, leaving us frozen, unable to select a single one.

Would it be different if there was a ‘golden key’ for every person in the world?  The equitable nature of this gift might reduce the stress of making an individual decision.  It could get confusing too – one person stops something, that another person is advocating for or desires to happen as it did or in an even more enhanced manner.  History books could catch fire, with the changes occurring in their pages as the ‘golden key’ consequences instantly and repeatedly rewrite them.

If they key was used in the way that I want to, how would it affect the mental state of the mentally ill?  If the person had the key and it showed the reality compared to the reality created by the disease, would it help the person to recover or at least be able to have a fair fight against the consequences of the disease process?  It really is a rabbit hole, once you know its there, you enter the hole and the twists and turns there after are both numerous and daunting.

I have drifted to all sorts of places with this prompt.  It was really, really interesting to think about.  What do you think?  Are any of these considerations what you would think about?  Want to jump in the hole with me and activate your own key?

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  1. I like the time travel one. I would open up the past to have a talk with my 11-year old self. I would tell him not to torture himself with his sexuality because isn’t going to matter in the future since he stops believing in god a few years down the line, even later finds out that the Westboro Baptist church becomes the most hated family in American and that there will be major progress in the future.

    I would however tell him to re-think his options with medication and to find alternatives despite feeling so unhappy. I would tell him not to focus on popularity throughout the coming school years because after you graduate, you realize it was all one big joke. I would warn him about high school most of all because it truly was a joke and they don’t prep you well for college AT ALL if you’re apathetic. It’s all about what YOU do to get into a decent college. I would tell him to be mature, listen to his parents, do all his homework and to get out and explore many different interests.

    If he was fresh about it, then I’d smack him and remind him who he’s going to become if things don’t change.

    This actually kind of made me think– what would my 40-year old self tell my 26-year old self?

    I’m hoping that it would be along the lines of, “No worries, it’s all going to come together. You won’t be lost forever. There will be a golden era which leads you to a satisfying sense of peace and clarity. You’ll see.” I might want to pick up some of those ideas that I told my 11-year old self too, just warp them into things I should do as an unhappy adult.

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