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Disclaimer:  This post won’t make much sense to non – World of Warcraft (WOW) players, although I will try and explain as I go.  This will be one of many posts about WOW, how it and my playing impact on my life.

I returned to an old friend recently.  A ‘friend’ that kept me sane when my friend TK died and I turned from nursing in my pain and grief.  That friend is World of Warcraft (WOW), yep, the online Massively Multiplayer Online Role – playing Game (MMORG).   It is an odd friendship, where I pay monthly to play but never really ‘own’ my characters, they remain the property of Blizzard (Game Developer).  I built my girls and single guy (the characters that I play in – game) from baby nothings to level 70, 85, 90 and soon 100.  I play both sides of the game, Alliance and Horde but my favourite is the Horde Troll Hunter, Fhaia and my Druids of either side.

I first played WOW as a dare from hubby.  No idea what the dare was but I lost and had to play WOW.  This was hubby’s attempt to stop me nagging him to reduce his playing time and give me some attention.  I think he hoped I would get hooked and leave him be.  It worked big time – the addiction is strong in this one!!  Hubby was smart he got me to play a hunter with a pet and he got me fishing.  Two things I still love doing.  Matua, a boar from outside of Orgrimmar (Major Horde city), is my hunter’s pet and Fhaia has had him from the beginning.  Most people dump their sad first pet but initially I didn’t know you could and then I fell in love with him and he stayed.

Matua is a story all on his own.  He was difficult to control, well I found him so.  Most people think he is ‘bugged’ which means that he is damaged and the game people need to ‘fix’ him.  I just got used to it and accepted I might die a little more often, especially when my boar bought an entire room down on me in a raid.  My in – game friends got used to Matua and he became a ‘legend’ but strangers would laugh at a higher level character whose pet, responsible for a lot of the damage that a hunter does, was a low level boar.  He does level up as Fhaia did but it could not change the fact he was a boar and not as exotic as some pets available.

I stopped playing WOW a few expansions ago when the developers ‘played’ with my Druid once too often.  It got where I couldn’t figure out how to heal but I especially hated the look of the new form.  It looked like an enraged broccoli rather than a refreshing, healing tree.   In this image can you see what I mean?:


The captions are so accurate – cute and then stupid!!!  Where was the dignity of my beloved druid? I acknowledge that there was a glyph that could be worn by the character to keep the old tree look but that is beside the point, they thought a broccoli looked good!!!  This is one makeover that was a huge FAIL, in my perspective.

I am not the kind of gamer that can adapt to change easily and I was seriously getting more sucky when I played, which was very disheartening.  I can study specs and moves and still remain mediocre in damage and healing.  I can accept that when questing alone and with friends used to my playing ways but not with other people.  I began to dread raiding (something I kind of liked previously) because I was doing the best I could and I sucked.  I don’t like letting other people down, even if it is inadvertent.

WOW is going through another expansion, the Warlords of Draenor and I could not resist. The title represents the current WOW loading screen, normally you are pretty much straight into the game.  I didn’t upgrade to the expansion immediately, I held out for a whole day!! (heroic effort by me and hubby)  I made some rules this time –  (1) no being a guild leader, responsible for some aspects of other people’s play,  and (2) no raiding, I don’t need to be judged I just want to enjoy my game.

Hubby and I have been playing together since the upgrade.  He is used to the way I play on Fhaia and it is complemented by his main character Corpsewrath (an Undead  Horde Mage).  In other words, he can kill fast enough to  to keep me alive and out of trouble.  He is also oddly charmed by the insanity of Matua, although he believes it to be my fault and not a ‘bug’.  It is nice playing with hubby, relaxing and fun.  We communicate through chat, even though we are both in the same room!!

I love the social aspect of WOW.  I have made some in – game friends, that I now speak to on Skype and Facebook.  I used to run my own vent – which meant we could all connect to my vent server and we would chatter away while playing. I spent many a night talking with friends while we played together in – game.  My turtles, Tankidy and Kshinta are named after in – game characters.  I like my character exploring new areas and dungeons with friends.

This is a bit of a rambling disjointed post.  I will probably draw parts out in future blogs and expand on them.  Let me know how I can make this more interesting for non – WOW readers or just in general.  Am I addicted to WOW? Probably, since I always come back to it.   I know that Fhaia and my other characters feel like old friends and are conduits to making online and offline friends.




  1. I actually think reaching level 90 was enough for me. I didn’t know what to do with my character after that. MMOs aren’t my type of game because I’m bad at them. I was horrible at Guild Wars 2 and Final Fantasy XIV as well. Games like Skyrim on the other hand are great for me even though it lacks the social aspect of it all. I prefer to get lost in my own fantasy world and not compete with millions of other people who are better than you.

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    1. I am playing wow differently this time – I chat but I am way less social and am keen to say no to anything that detracts from just having fun. Life is stressful I don’t need my game to be as well.


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