Today’s exercise is:  add and/or customize two widgets, one text-based and one image-based.  If you also want to publish a post today, we suggest a shorter-form post — a post of under 400 words; under 200 if you can.  I am going for the under 200 words post and to see if it makes sense to my reader, let me know what you think:

I am putting the actual changing of my sidebar off till I get a better handle on it.  And yes it is sheer cowardice, since it was a tad nightmarish to get what I have in place.  Following computer programme directions, is for me like each step is a spider.  I get so far fighting my nerve, word by word inching closer but can’t fully touch the button, because to my mind it is like a freaking spider.  This is a rather tormented analogy but it works for me (what does that say about my mind lol).

When I see a spider, I blind panic and it can take me a while to focus and think logically (if at all – it is a spider after all).  With my reaction to spiders, I don’t question the fear but with the tech directions I just panic and then add to that sheer frustration with my inability to follow them.  Eventually, I usually slam the lap top lid down and walk away before I toss it out the second story window.  Later I explain to hubby what I thought I wanted and what I thought it said to do and he fixes it.

Cartoonist: Aaron Bacall
             Aaron Bacall

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  1. I feel like widgets/sidebars aren’t always necessary. When I read a blog made on wordpress or blogger, I find myself reading from the top to the bottom and if I want to see older entries, I click older entries. Your’s is interesting, it has an auto scroll feature which is really handy. Putting categories on the sidebar when you have enough entries may come in handy. Listing the months too but I find calendars ugly. Don’t use a calendar! 😛

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