Touring the neighbourhood


This is the second time I have tackled this post.  The first one disappeared when in a distracted moment I clicked off this page and hadn’t saved it.  I lost all 7 paragraphs and the images, so will try ad reconstruct the thoughts I had written as I browsed the reader for today’s exercise of:  leave comments on at least four blogs that you’ve never commented on before.  I am thinking the reader may thank me, since I seem more succinct in my writing the second time around. Note to self:  Save drafts even when intending to publish them immediately.

Considering completing this exercise, reminded me of walking around our new neighbourhood.  Hubby and I were not brave enough to knock on the neighbours doors and contented ourselves with looking at the front yards.  We talked about what the house frontages ‘said’ about the people within them – if they said anything at all.  I know at the moment our house frontage screams neglect and a reclamation in process.  One day it will return to its former glory and with the twist that is uniquely ours, which is not lots and lots of healthy weeds.

I love reading blogs and this exercise was a great excuse to just spend time browsing the reader and finding new topics and writers to follow.  I like writing comments that are specifically targeting a particular part of the content or the design of the blog.  I am currently reluctant to offer negative comments about the design, that has been a featured request with the recent Blogging 101 instigated design changes because I don’t feel I have any particular expertise to do so.  If I do comment along these lines I make sure it is strongly identified as simply being what I like, rather than a serious design critique.

I love the idea of conversations starting on my blog.  People commenting on what I wrote is an amazing gift.  I love the idea that what I write is of interest to someone else, and not a family member or friend (although I appreciate these too). Furthermore, they not only spent time reading my words but took time to consider them and leave a response, a question or an alternative view point.  Writers are to me, like actors or musicians to other people, they are my superstars and when I get readers and/or comments I begin to feel a little like them.

I found two inspirational blogs on my wanderings, although I thoroughly enjoyed and commented on more than these two.  The first is Scraps of Lace.  I fell in love with the words she wrote in her header.  Here is a copy of that but I strongly suggest that people visit her blog and read it in its rightful place, her blog:

Borrowed from this amazing blog:
Borrowed from this amazing blog:

I am not sure how to post a link correctly but if you can’s use the one with the picture, check my list of blogs that I follow for Scrap of Lace – it is worth a visit.  I liked her post on ‘solitude’ and ‘connect’ – even though the ‘solitude’ one had a rather prominent spider.  Ruby (the spider) won me over with the angle of the photo (I could pretend she was anything else but her spider self)  and the fact that she let her mouse treat live!  The words with each photograph were thoughtful, even when she stated she had been in a rush to catch up on the exercises.

The second blog created the thread of a later post for me to write.  When we first married and in the early years (we hit 25 years married this year) we were often asked if we had children? or even more pointedly, how many did we have? (as if marriage equated child rearing).  I found this thread in the post of yoonanimous and her post ‘Giving up the Ghost’ (again if that link didn’t work, her blog is in my list of blogs on the side bar).  In her post, she wrote of wanting a third child, while her husband planned a vasectomy.  Her writing was raw, funny and just well written and easily read.  I got the idea of my post from this and will write it sometimes in the future (I promise).

I really enjoyed this exercise, it was like being given the keys to a magic place, where I could just soak up the words of others and the price of entry was to comment on what I read.  I find it advantageous to write comments and engage in a written communication.  When in a person to person discussion I have the aggravating habit of interrupting the speaker. I am trying to correct this and think, it is in part, a consequence of rarely engaging in conversation with anyone bar the cats and family.  I forget the social cues and mores.  I also have a “lovely” habit of saying the exact wrong thing and not realising I had done so until immediately after I utter it.  A written conversation, feeds my social thirst and allows me time to think about what I am going to write or respond and avoid my two bad habits intruding.

I would ask any reader to make comments or ask questions on anything they want to – from the content itself to the design of my blog.  I would love to see what my blog looks like from the reader perspective and to see if how or what I write resonates or offers an alternative viewpoint.  Feel free to speak or rather write – I would really appreciate it.



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